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Tim Poffenbarger, Owner & President

Tim Poffenbarger is an I.E.M.A. licensed radon mitigation professional in Illinois and is the  president of Timmit Radon Systems Inc., the company he founded in 1996. Tim's I.E.M.A. License Number is RNM98106. The number following the RNM of the license number is either 2 digits (licensed before the year 2000) or 4 digits (licensed in 2000 or later) and it represents the year the professional who runs the company was licensed by the I.E.M.A. Radon Program which took over licensing responsibilities from the EPA in 1998. The license number informs you how long a mitigation contactor has been in business, regardless of any other claims to the contrary. The company name, Timmit, originates from Tim who mitigates. Tim thought Timmit couldn't possibly be misspelled as many times as his last name when he chose it for the company name. Unfortunately, even that didn't hold true but the company and name have endured the test of time. Tim has always treated every radon mitigation system installation since 1996 as if it were being installed in his own home. In fact, the very first system Tim ever installed in 1996 was in his own home, the home that he, along with help from his family, built from the foundation up and still reside in today. That system is still operating perfectly to this day with the original fan. Tim's radon levels in his home were 23.0 pCi/L and tested at 0.4 pCi/L after the system was installed. When using Timmit Radon Systems to meet your mitigation needs, you're getting a professional that knows every inch & detail of a house's construction. Tim is a perfectionist in regards to every endeavor including your home's radon mitigation system installation. In fact, treating every radon mitigation system as if they were being installed in our own homes is standard operating procedure for any Timmit employee today. In addition to his knowledge of house construction characteristics, which allows Tim to design systems that are functionally efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing, Timmit's radon mitigation system installations never have been nor ever will be a detriment to the sale of any home nor have they ever failed to reduce the radon levels to an acceptable level.
    Tim also has 30 years of experience working in an environment exposed to radiation in addition to his extensive experience in the radon industry. Combining his 19 years in the radon industry & 30 years in the nuclear power industry, no one in the radon industry except for Tim can claim 49 combined years working on a daily basis in an environment exposed to radioactive elements. Tim was a proud member of the I.B.E.W. Union while employed at Exelon's LaSalle County Station Nuclear Plant in Marseilles, Il from 1984 through 2014.  There were many federal government mandated regulations that had to be adhered to by Tim while employed at Exelon as well as mandated worker safety programs. Several applicable practices in the nuclear power industry have been incorporated into Timmit Radon Systems' standard operating procedures.
      Of course, there are also I.E.M.A. Radon Program Regulations that must be adhered to while licensed to install radon mitigation systems in Illinois. Adhering to strict government mandated regulations is a way of life for Tim & has always been required of those on his team. In fact, Timmit Radon Systems has never been cited for any radon mitigation installation non-conformances by the radon program since business inception in 1996. At a minimum, we've always followed all regulations & requirements mandated by the I.E.M.A. Radon Program and typically exceed them.
     Tim has been married to Liz since 1980 and together they are the proud parents of 6 children, ranging in age from 12-34 and are also grandparents of two. In fact, four of Tim's children have worked or are working for Timmit. Tim's son, Tyler, and son-in-law, Caleb, are employed by Timmit Radon Systems and Tim's daughter, Jessica, his sister, Becky, and his sister-in-law, Joyce, are presently employed in the radon testing industry in Illinois.
    Timmit Radon Systems is and always will be a family owned & operated business because family is very important to Tim. Tim and his family's talents are not limited to radon mitigation. Tim built his own in-ground swimming pool & pole barn with help from his family as well. The pool is utilized for extended family swim parties every weekend during the summer & the heated pole barn is used year-round to store & protect the vehicles, trailer & large inventory necessary to install the radon mitigation systems unmatched by any company in functional efficiency, quality, aesthetics & craftsmanship. The construction of the pool & pole barn may seem unrelated to the skills required for radon system installations but, along with Tim's work experience & family values, their completed construction exhibit the indomitable spirit Timmit Radon Systems exudes when tackling any radon project, no matter how complicated your individual radon issue may seem.

Tyler Poffenbarger, Radon Mitigation Technician

Tyler, 29, is Tim's oldest of three sons and at the age of 21 was licensed through the I.E.M.A. Radon program as a radon mitigation technician. Tyler's license number is RNMT2007203. The only difference between a radon mitigation technician and radon mitigation professional is the actual ownership of a particular company. The professional owns the company but both the technician, who works under the professional licensee, and the professional have to successfully complete the same training and examination. Tyler's been working for Timmit full-time since he was 18 years old and is also a full-time Fireman & Paramedic. He is a son any father would be proud to call his own and Tim is extremely grateful & fortunate that Tyler has never caused him a moment of grief throughout his life. To say Tim is proud of him is an understatement in the truest sense of the word. Tim certainly doesn't think he deserves the good fortune he's been blessed with but he will continue to enjoy reaping the rewards and hope that many more people in the radon industry continue to experience firsthand some of Tyler's outstanding characteristics. What you get when Tyler is installing your system is a mitigation expert & craftsman who is an extension of Timmit's commitment to excellence no matter the scope of the required system. Imagine a homeowner's trepidation a few years ago when a 21 year-old (Tyler) shows up at their house early in the morning to install a radon mitigation system who not only looks young but actually is young. Now imagine 4 hours or so later when the system is completed & not only were the homeowner's expectations greatly exceeded, but Tyler's professionalism, workmanship, craftsmanship, attention to detail, courteousness, cleanliness & personality far exceeded any & all expectations in any service oriented industry, let alone the radon industry. That occurred every time, every day on every job then & still occurs today. He still doesn't look his age, but has no equal in the radon industry. Tim could say that he taught him everything he knows but Tyler's taught Tim quite a few things over the last few years also. So, whether it's Tyler who shows up at your house to install a radon mitigation system along with either Tim or Caleb or all three, rest assured that your radon mitigation system installation will be functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing, utilizing the highest quality in materials and craftsmanship in the radon industry because it's standard operating procedure with Timmit Radon Systems.


Caleb Damron, Radon Mitigation Laborer

Caleb, 34, has worked for Timmit for over 12 years and is a former licensed plumber in Illinois. Plumbers install pvc pipe for drains & vents among other things and their knowledge of building characteristics allow their skills learned in the plumbing trade to transfer directly to radon mitigation pvc pipe routing, sump sealing, & other related radon mitigation system component elements. Caleb brings a great deal of building construction knowledge to Timmit's team and takes pride in professionally completing and exceeding all radon mitigation system requirements. Caleb exceeds the highest expectations in any industry that are prerequisites of employment demanded by Timmit Radon System employees including professionalism, workmanship, attention to detail, courteousness, cleanliness & of course, a great personality.