Below are some photos of TIMMIT RADON SYSTEMS' exterior radon mitigation systems, utilizing quality material and superior craftsmanship. They represent the most aesthetically pleasing systems in the radon industry. Please see the Navigation Bar at the top of this page for more photos of radon system components. 



While they may be functionally equivalent, 

craftsmanship and aesthetics differentiate Timmit Radon Systems from all others.

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Company Profile

    Timmit Radon Systems, a family owned, operated, insured (Liability & Worker's Compensation) & state licensed radon mitigation company, has been installing radon mitigation systems in homes for over 27 years. Our mitigation personnel are licensed through the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (I.E.M.A.) Division of Nuclear Safety Radon Program. The I.E.M.A. Division of Nuclear Safety is responsible for protecting Illinois residents from the potentially harmful effects of ionizing radiation. Among its many duties, the I.E.M.A. Radon Program administers the licensing of radon measurement and mitigation professionals.

    Timmit Radon Systems has always taken into consideration the concerns and needs of the present home owner as well as the potential future home owner when designing a radon mitigation system. Whether a basement is unfinished or finished, routing of suction pipe is done in a way that will neither hinder future plans nor ruin an existing finish. The radon system is a permanent part of the home and Timmit Radon's mitigation systems are a reflection of our commitment to excellence. Whether a system's fan is installed on the house exterior or in an attic space, Timmit Radon Systems takes great care to ensure the installation will be aesthetically pleasing and will not be a detriment to the future sale of the home. At Timmit Radon Systems, we believe craftsmanship and aesthetics are as important as system performance. All radon mitigation systems by Timmit Radon Systems are installed in full compliance with I.E.M.A. radon mitigation requirements utilizing high quality materials and superior craftsmanship at competitive prices.  

The following licenses have been issued to Timmit Radon Systems

Mitigation Professional License # RNM98106 issued to Timothy J. Poffenbarger 

Mitigation Technician License# RNMT2007203 issued to Tyler J. Poffenbarger

What are the steps involved in radon mitigation? 

The steps involved in mitigating radon are not rocket science, but rather related to rock science, and are not complicated. In fact, we have figured out how to re-route radon gas from beneath a home's foundation, which is a very straightforward and fairly simple process. Tim took a one week course and passed a test back in 1996 in order to become an EPA licensed mitigator. Timmit Radon Systems has evolved over the past 27 years by making necessary changes to their standard operating procedures which has resulted in unmatched value for our clients. Those changes were due to our experiences & our desire to be the best in the radon industry.

There isn't a radon issue we haven't seen or been able to mitigate successfully in 27 years. If you want to talk to Tim about the steps involved in mitigating your own home, please give us a call. He'd be happy to walk you through the steps so you can decide if it's a DIY project you want to add to your personal list of accomplishments. You may be a DIY extraordinaire that loves the challenge of completing projects and the satisfaction that is gained from doing so. Tim considers himself part of that club, since he's built his own home from the foundation up, a large post frame building, an in-ground pool & founded a very successful radon mitigation business, so he gets the DIY mentality.  If you've done any plumbing, electrical wiring and/or carpentry DIY projects over the years, you could probably mitigate your own home. It'll take you much longer to complete than it would to hire us and it won't look nearly as nice or professional, but that may not be as important to you as it is to us.

Highlights & Key Benefits of Timmit Radon Systems Exterior Systems

Exterior systems installed by Timmit Radon Systems feature radon fans & electrical connections enclosed in a retrofitted weatherproof plastic housing (exclusive to Timmit Radon Systems) which protects & maintains the integrity of the system's radon fan and electrical connection. Key benefits, including our attention to detail, craftsmanship and aesthetically pleasing systems are listed below. If you have any doubts that no company exceeds what we bring to the radon industry, please feel free to search the internet to ease your mind. We'll see you after your search.

  • Quality craftsmanship guaranteed on all installations.

  • Both interior and exterior systems are aesthetically pleasing and will not be a detriment to the future sale of the home.

  • Exterior downspout exhausts (instead of ugly pic pipe) match the siding or soffit & gutter colors (as available).

  • All gutter downspout & elbow fittings are fastened together with a minimum of 8 rustproof stainless steel hex head screws at each joint.

  • Each downspout connection is overlapped by at least 2-1/2 inches & the downspout elbows are overlapped at least 3-1/4 inches.

  • Downspout exhaust mounting clips are painted to match the gutter color and can't be seen from a frontal view. 

  • Unconditionally guaranteed to reduce levels below 4.0 pCi/L (pico Curies per Liter of air) with no additional charges added to the original proposal if additional work becomes necessary to meet the requirement.

  • Second post-mitigation radon test is paid for by Timmit Radon Systems if the first post-mitigation test results are not below 4.0 pCi/L.

  • 100% radon reduction success rate on all installations since business inception in 1996.

  • Systems are available for homes with basements, crawlspaces, slabs and new construction.

  • Lifetime System Warranty on workmanship

  • 5-year fan warranty (5 years on parts, 3 years on labor)

  • ​Family owned and operated business for over 27 years

  • Fully licensed, insured (Liability & Worker's Compensation) & bonded

  • ​Free estimates